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17 Ways to Repurpose Video Content and Grow Your Audience

17 Ways to Repurpose Video Content and Grow Your Audience

Repurposing your video content is a powerful strategy for extending your reach and increasing the levels of engagement with your audience.

In fact, by not repurposing it, you’re only getting a small fraction of the benefit that your videos could otherwise bring you.

For example, did you know that businesses that repurpose video content can experience up to a 4x increase in audience engagement and a 53% ROI rate?

In brief, repurposing your video content into new formats means that you:

  • Reach more people
  • Improve your brand's image and reputation
  • Build stronger relationships with your audience
  • Grow your online visibility

So how should you approach it?

In this post, we're going to share 17 smart ways to start repurposing your video content to grow your audience and your business.

First, let’s start with…

1. Repurpose into Shorter Video Clips

Repurpose video content on TikTok’s platform

Turning longer videos into short form video content is a great way to get extra mileage out of your videos, and increase your visibility on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Research shows that short videos, less than a minute long, get 50% more likes and shares than longer ones.

Users on these platforms are looking for engaging content they can consume quickly. Short videos let you show off highlights from previous videos—such as a key point, an interesting fact, or an inspiring quote.

And by watching your shorter videos, viewers will then often seek out and watch your longer videos, growing their sense of relationship with you.

2. Repurpose as a Blog Post

Try repurposing a video as a blog post for repurposing content

Although on this blog we repurpose posts into bite-sized video content, if your main pillar content tends to be video, why not repurpose them into blog posts?

After all, people consume content differently. Not everyone wants to watch video content, and prefer reading instead.

By repurposing your video content into text, you reach a whole new audience.

Consider including screenshots or clips from the video into the post to help make it more engaging, and embed the video into the content.

Even better, once you have a blog post, you can repurpose that in multiple ways too! Here’s a quick overview of some of them, or click here for the full guide:

3. Extract Audio into Podcasts

Repurposing videos by extracting the audio into a podcast

With video, you likely have some useful audio too that can be extracted and repurposed as an audio podcast.

The popularity of podcasting continues to grow, reaching 464.7 million listeners in 2023, and forecast to reach 504.9 million by the end of 2024. As an industry, it’s valued at $23.56 billion.

Some people prefer listening to watching content, such as when driving, exercising or simply doing other things.

By simply extracting the audio from content you already have, you reach people who otherwise may never come across you.

4. Repurpose onto Facebook

Using Facebook Live as repurposing video content online

Videos up to 240 minutes long (that’s 4 hours!) can be posted onto Facebook, or up to a couple minutes long for Stories.

In other words, most videos you might have elsewhere can be posted onto the platform, whether as-is or repurposed into bite-sized chunks.

Adding captions will help attract more engagement, as not everyone will have the sound on or may otherwise be distracted while trying to watch.

5. Repurpose onto LinkedIn

An example of repurposing video content onto LinkedIn

Similarly, if your business is B2B, consider repurposing your videos for LinkedIn. Videos on business topics, leadership stories, and career tips tend to do well.

In fact, LinkedIn’s video posts have raked in over 300 million views and attract triple the interactions of text.

Again, add subtitles to help more people consume your message.

Generally, videos under 5 minutes tend to perform best, but keep an eye on LinkedIn's analytics to see what resonates best with your own audience.

6. Repurpose Videos into Infographics

Image Source: SlideBazaar

Using infographics to repurpose video content online

Infographics simplify potentially complex video content into easy-to-understand visuals that can be consumed and studied at leisure.

For example, your video may contain facts, numbers or a step-by-step guide that can relatively easily be repurposed into an infographic format.

They’re easy to create too! Here are a number of online tools you can use to create them.

Once created, they can be:

  • Added to your website, such as within a relevant blog post
  • Shared on social media, where they continue to be one of the most engaging visuals
  • Submitted to infographic submission sites—here’s a list of over 45 of them

7. Repurpose Live Stream Recordings

Repurpose live stream recordings as videos

You may have live streamed on social media, and if so the recorded video content can be repurposed in a number of different ways, making the content available to more people.

Only a very small proportion of the number of people who might be interested in the content will ever turn up to watch it live… so it pays to leverage it in as many different ways as you can afterwards by repurposing and distributing it in different ways.

Just as a few examples of the things you can do:

  • Pick out the best parts as bite-sized chunks to share on social media
  • Upload to your YouTube channel
  • Embed on your website
  • Convert the content into a blog post (see above)

8. Repurpose Video Testimonials

Have you collected video testimonials from happy customers?

If so, these can of course be used in their own right such as on your website and your social media channel.

But they can also be repurposed by:

  • Including them in other video content
  • Perhaps mashing a number of such testimonial videos into a single video

Be creative—video testimonials are too valuable to just leave in a single format. How else can you distribute the content so that more of your target market gets to hear about the value you provide?

9. Repurpose Recorded Webinars

Repurpose recorded webinars as videos you can publish elsewhere

Webinars are often an hour or more long, and provide the opportunity to explore topics or products in detail to your audience. (Here’s how to create and present one).

They can be purely informational, but their intended purpose is also often to convert a proportion of the audience into customers.

Presuming the webinar has been recorded, the video content can then be repurposed in multiple ways to reach more people with your message.

This doesn’t have to be the entire video, nor do the resulting videos have to be sales-oriented.

One option would be chop the video up into bite-sized chunks for social media and elsewhere.

Or perhaps the content can be repurposed into one or more blog posts about the key topics that were covered.

10. Repurpose For Email Marketing

Have you considered adding videos to your emails?

It can be a powerful strategy for boosting engagement. In fact, research shows that including videos in marketing emails can make people up to 3x more likely to click on them!

For example, if you publish a regular newsletter, why not link to your recent videos, with a suitable thumbnail to stimulate engagement?

Here’s how we do it:

Repurpose videos as content for email marketing

11. Adapt Content For Instagram

Repurpose your video content onto Instagram in order to help grow your audience

We’ve already mentioned repurposing videos for Facebook and LinkedIn. Do the same for Instagram, where it’s all about visual content.

When repurposing a video for Instagram, think about what looks good and grabs people's attention.

If your video is longer, consider splitting it up into smaller parts.

Consider different ways to share your video on the platform, such as via Reels and Stories.

Speaking of which…

12. Transform Content Into Social Media Stories

Social media stories for repurposing the video content

In 2023, Instagram alone witnessed over 500 million daily users engaged with Stories, highlighting the broad appeal of the format and its effectiveness in capturing audience interest.

But it’s not just Instagram. Other platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat also have the format available.

In brief, Stories offer an interactive and temporary experience for viewers, with the content often only lasting for 24 hours and not shown on your feed.

Consider mixing short repurposed video clips with other types of content like photos.

Keep an eye on your analytics and see what works best for your audience.

13. Customize Content For YouTube

Repurpose video content you might have elsewhere onto YouTube

Of course, your videos may already be on YouTube.

But what if you’re primarily posting video content to social media?

If so, consider repurposing it as YouTube Shorts or longer videos for your YouTube channel.

With around 2.5 billion users—well over a quarter of the global population—YouTube is a massive platform capable of significantly extending the number of people you can reach with your content.

Related: YouTube Channel Optimization: 10 Ways to Grow Views and Subscribers

14. Repurpose Videos as Ebooks or Guides

Transforming your video content into ebooks, detailed guides or courses is another great way to share your info in a different way and reach a whole new audience.

By turning your videos into written materials, perhaps supplemented by those same videos, you appeal to different learning styles and attract different people that may not consume or come across your content in other formats.

Whereas a blog post can be more suitable for repurposing a single video (see above), consider repurposing a series of related videos into longer text-based content such as an ebook or online course.

15. Repurpose For TikTok

Tony Robbins with repurposing video content on TikTok platform

Let’s not forget TikTok, which of course is all about short, entertaining, highly engaging videos.

Repurpose your video content for the platform by transforming it into concise, attention-grabbing videos that fit the platform's style.

In the example above, Tony Robbins shares a TikTok video that’s presented in a way that perfectly resonates with what the platform’s audience has come to expect.

Use music and sounds, trending challenges, or engaging visuals to get the TikTok audience's interest.

Here’s how to market your videos on the platform effectively.

16. Convert Videos Into Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are a unique way to repurpose existing video content into a completely different style of video.

By repurposing into animated form, you can simplify complex concepts, break down information into easily digestible visuals, and add a fresh layer of engagement that will appeal to a different segment of your audience.

Such videos can be shared across multiple platforms, enhancing your content's accessibility, providing a new perspective on your subject matter and widening your reach.

Here are a number of tools that can help you create this type of content.

17. Share Video Content on Pinterest

Finally, don’t forget Pinterest!

Sharing video content on Pinterest is a great way to repurpose your videos, and win engagement while getting your brand in front of more people on this highly visual platform.

Compared to other social platforms, Pinterest has higher viewing and video completion rates, making it perfect for tutorials, product demos, and other types of video content.

If you’re unfamiliar with using Pinterest for marketing purposes, here’s how to get started.

To Conclude

So that’s 17 different ways in which you can give your videos new life and attract new audiences to your brand.

We’ve covered strategies such as transforming them into engaging short clips for social media, embedding them into blog posts, creating podcasts, and even turning them into animated explainer videos.

But the key point is that if you just leave your videos in their original format and don’t repurpose them, you’re only getting a fraction of the value that such content could otherwise bring you.

So make repurposing a regular habit, explore different ways of leveraging your video content, and keep an eye on your stats so you know what’s working best for your audience.

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