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The 7 Best AI Blog Content Generator Tools for Business Watch Overview

The 7 Best AI Blog Content Generator Tools for Business

To maintain and grow the online visibility of your business, a regular outflow of content is now all but essential.

Your blog is an ideal starting point—a regularly published blog will attract increasing amounts of traffic to your website over time, and your content can then be repurposed for publication across multiple other platforms.

The only problem is that creating that constant flow of engaging and compelling content requires expertise and time that is in short supply for many businesses, and they have many other priorities to juggle alongside.

That’s where AI-powered content generation tools can help, and help significantly. Often, content can be created in just a fraction of the time that it used to take.

AI content generation tools have sped up the creation of new blog posts significantly. They save hours of time by providing a first draft.Click To Tweet

While it’s generally recommended to use AI-powered content as a starting point for a blog post, rather than simply copying and pasting, this itself can save hours of time. The content can then be tweaked and polished up to suit the needs of your audience.

So what AI blog content generators are available?

This post explores seven of the top AI blog content generators available today, helping you to streamline your content creation process and make it more efficient than has ever previously been possible.

7 Top AI Blog Content Generator Tools

1. OpenAI's ChatGPT

Use OpenAI’s popular AI blog content generator, ChatGPT

OpenAI's ChatGPT is an advanced AI language model took the world by storm when first released in November 2022, and is renowned for generating human-like text.

It can be an invaluable tool for businesses looking to make their content creation easier and quicker, and operates via a simple prompting mechanism where you tell it what you’re looking for, with the output delivered in seconds.

For example, for blog posts, just tell it the title, the style you’re looking for or the audience you’re trying to reach, and any other relevant requirements.

It can deliver up to 800 words or so at once, which is ideal for a first draft, and can then be expanded up if required via further prompt requests.

Pricing for OpenAI's ChatGPT begins at $20 per month for the Plus subscription, which offers priority access to new features and improvements, including its latest, most powerful language model. A free version is also available with more limited features and access.

Use AI-driven blog content generator tools to give you a starting point for a post. Then adjust as necessary to suit your audience.Click To Tweet


The AI content generator, including for blogs, Jasper

Previously known as Jarvis, is an AI content generator for blogs and other types of content such as sales copy and for social media campaigns.

One of Jasper’s main selling points is its capacity to learn your brand's voice and style, delivering content that resonates with your audience in ways that previously only human writers were capable of doing.

Jasper offers a range of plans, starting from $49 per month for their Creator plan, which is likely sufficient for many SMBs.

For those needing more logins and brand voices, such as agencies serving different brands, there’s also the Teams option, starting at $125 per month.

You can test out the tool with a 7 day trial of the software.

3. can generate long-form articles such as blog posts freely acknowledges it’s not there to give you a final polished blog post… but will save you a ton of time by providing you with a quality first draft you can then polish up as required.

As well as blog posts, it can be used to generate other types of content, including sales copy, social media content and product descriptions.

And it comes with workflows that facilitate creating content within teams where multiple steps are required in a particular process.

Users can start for free, with an allowance of up to 2,000 words per month, more than sufficient for giving the tool a spin.

For unlimited words and additional features, including a Blog Wizard tool, monthly pricing starts at $49 per month.

AI content generator tools make it significantly faster, easier and more efficient to create helpful, valuable and engaging blog posts (as well as other content!)Click To Tweet

4. Writesonic

Use Writesonic to generate SEO-optimized blog content

Writesonic uses AI, currently powered by OpenAI’s language models, to help automate your content creation process, including content for your blog, ads, social media posts, emails, and elsewhere.

Particularly useful for blogs, the content it generates is designed to be optimized for SEO, and free of any plagiarism.

It also comes with a Sonic Editor, billed as an enhanced version of Google Docs, to help write your blog posts, including AI-driven editing tools such as for paraphrasing, text expanding and text shortening.

From blog posts to landing pages, the platform generates copy that is both engaging and optimized for search engines.

A free trial gives you access to up to 10,000 words per month, with pricing then starting at around $20 per month for unlimited words and additional features, such as the use of OpenAI’s more powerful language generation models to deliver the content.

5. Google’s Bard

Google’s Bard AI content generator tool including for blogs

While the initial launch of Bard was more than a little embarrassing for Google, that was just the start and it’s since improved in many ways.

It works in a similar way to OpenAI’s ChatGPT via a chat feature, so you simply ask it for the type of content you are looking for, and can then adjust and expand your requirements as required.

Developed by Google's AI research team, the tool can generate a wide variety of content, including blog posts, social media content and so on.

Bard can understand relatively complex content requirements, and produce high-quality text on the requested topic that's informative and engaging.

At the time of writing, the tool is still in beta and therefore at a relatively early stage of its development. While it’s currently free to use, the general expectation is that in time, and as it improves, Bard will become a paid tool.

6. WordAi

WordAI helps repurpose existing content into new blog posts

Unlike most of the other tools on this list, WordAI isn’t designed to create original content from scratch, but to repurpose existing content into something new, and is particularly suitable for rewriting blog content.

This makes the tool ideal for repurposing your blog content onto other channels.

You can also potentially use it to rework older posts and give them a new lease of life as brand new content, or simply a refreshed, revamped original post for a lift in the search engines.

You essentially enter your existing content into one side of the page, and the tool then rewrites every sentence from scratch so it reads in a natural way, but is different from the original content.

After that, it may need a bit of a polish to get it into a final state ready for publication, but by publishing the content onto other platforms, you can multiply your online visibility quickly and cheaply. Doing the same thing manually would take hours and hours.

The only thing it doesn’t appear to do (at least, yet) is change the length of the content. This would be a useful addition, as a 2,000-3,000 word blog post is for example a little long for optimal readability and engagement on platforms such as Medium and LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

In terms of pricing, there’s a 3-day trial available, with pricing then starting at $57 a month if paying monthly, or $324 for a year’s access.

7. Kafkai

Kafkai help you create unique SEO-friendly content for your blog

An AI blog content generator that's specifically designed for bloggers, and is billed as “an AI Writer Assistant that helps you create unique SEO-friendly articles for cents instead of dollars”.

As with other tools, it freely acknowledges that the content it produces isn’t a highly polished finished blog post, but is a useful starting point that a writer can then mold into a more polished piece for publication.

With a 3-day free trial, pricing then starts at just $9 a month for up to 50 articles.


AI blog content generator tools are making it significantly faster, easier, and more efficient to create helpful, valuable and engaging blog posts. And of course often the same tools can be used to create many other types of content too.

We’ve reviewed many of the top tools here, but remember, we’re still in the early days of AI-assisted content generation, and they will only continue to improve. Get used to using these tools now to stay ahead of the game.

Here's the thing with AI-assisted content generator tools. They're only ever going to improve, so get used to using them now to stay ahead.Click To Tweet

Many of them are free to use or come with free trials, so pick one or two to test out and see what they can add to your business. They might save you time or resources, or they may enable you to scale up your content generation and multiply your online visibility. Either way, it’s well worth adding one or more of these tools to your business’s toolkit.

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