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Pinterest Idea Pins — 101 Top Examples Watch Overview

Pinterest Idea Pins — 101 Top Examples

Maintaining a steady flow of fresh, engaging content can indeed be challenging, and doing so for Pinterest is no exception. It’s a common problem faced by businesses, and a frustrating one.

While Pinterest is of course a powerful platform, with hundreds of millions of engaged users, taking advantage means finding different ways for your content to stand out… and sometimes, let’s face it, the inspiration can be lacking.

Sound familiar?

Fear not, that’s exactly what this post is here to help with. As a source of ongoing inspiration for you to dip in and out of, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of 101 examples of some of the best Pinterest Idea Pins, sourced from multiple creators across multiple niches.

Use them to inspire your own Pins, rekindle your creativity and enhance the appeal and engagement levels of your content.

But before we dive in, let's first understand what Pinterest Idea Pins are all about…

What is a Pinterest Idea Pin?

In brief, a Pinterest Idea Pin, previously known as Story Pin, is a special kind of Pin that enables you to share rich, multi-layered content with your followers. Picture it as a compact slideshow, accommodating up to 20 pages of images, videos, and text.

First introduced in 2020 and subsequently rebranded as Idea Pins in 2021, these Pins present an ideal medium to tell an engaging story, showcase a step-by-step DIY project, or share a tasty recipe in intricate detail.

But while Stories on other platforms generally disappear after a specified duration, Idea Pins stick around for the long-term. This makes them perpetually discoverable and shareable—in other words, evergreen—plus they come with a distinct advantage in that you can use them to directly link to other websites right from the Pin itself.

Beyond their functional benefits, Idea Pins are great for forging stronger connections with your followers. From sharing your grandmother’s coveted pasta sauce recipe to your latest weekend DIY endeavor, you can engage your audience in a myriad of ways, as well as foster a sense of community lively discussions and exchanges in the comments.

After all, Pinterest, like other content platforms, is not only a channel for idea exchange but also a space for forging bonds with like-minded individuals, making it another valuable dynamic and interactive channel for building your online visibility and creating engaged audiences interested in the value you provide.

101 Top Pinterest Idea Pins — Examples to Excite and Inspire

Enjoy the following curated selection of Pinterest Idea Pins, examples designed to spark your imagination and inspire the creation of unique, compelling content.


1. 10 Day Stress Relief Guide

A guide to stress relief, including a 10 day stress relief challenge at the end.

2. Easy Spring Outfit Idea

Features a couple of photographs, suggesting a potential outfit for Spring—Idea Pins don’t have to be complicated!

3. Benefits of Cycling, Plus Safety Tips

Shows basic videos from the perspective of someone cycling, with captions that highlight some of the benefits.

4. Life Hacks You'll Thank Me For: Part 8

Featuring clever life hacks for a hair Pin that you will be grateful to discover — Part 8 of an ongoing series.

5. 7 Easy Feel Good Partner Therapeutics

Provides a guide to seven therapeutic exercises designed to enhance connection and well-being with a partner.

6. Everyday Kitchen Hacks

Showcases a variety of everyday kitchen hacks aimed to make your life easier and more efficient.

7. Parenting Tips

A resourceful Pin sharing valuable parenting tips to help navigate through various stages of your child's life.

8. 6 Moves to Relieve Stress

Outlines six effective exercises to relieve stress and promote relaxation.

9. Enjoy the Benefits of Sleep

Explores effective benefits of quality sleep and provides tips for improving sleep hygiene.


10. Engagement Session with Horses

An engagement photo session featuring a couple and horses, highlighting the joy and connection of the moment.

11. Photography Tips: Taking Better Self Portraits - Winter Photoshoot Ideas

Offer tips for beginners taking high-quality self-portraits for unique winter photoshoots.

12. Photo Editing Tips and Tricks

Provides helpful tips and tricks for improving your photo editing skills.

13. How to Recreate Color-Filter Photography—On a Budget

Guides you on how to mimic the color-filter photography technique without breaking the bank.

14. DIY Family Christmas Photoshoot

Inspires you with ideas to craft your own DIY Christmas photoshoot for the whole family.

15. Female Portrait

Features a captivating portrait of a woman, showcasing artistry in photography.

16. Take Flatlay Photos at Home

Teaches you how to create stunning flatlay photographs in the comfort of your own home.

17. City Engagement Photos in Denver

Features a beautiful city-based engagement photoshoot in the heart of Denver.

18. How to Suspend Hair in the Air for a Photoshoot

Provides a tutorial on capturing the perfect hair flip or suspended hair moment during a photoshoot.


19. DIY Spring Nails

Shows how to create beautiful, spring-themed nail designs yourself.

20. Lash Extensions

Provides FAQs for considering lash extension for your next beauty treatment.

21. Curly Q&A with Lal and Pinterest

A Q&A session with Lal on the topic of managing and styling curly hair.

22. DIY Squalane Skin Hydrating Serum

Shows you how to make your own hydrating squalane serum for glowing skin.

23. Follow Along for an Under Eye Brightening Tutorial with a Little Hack

Presents a step-by-step under-eye brightening tutorial that includes a useful skincare hack.

24. Minimal Nail Art Design — “Toothpaste Nails”

Demonstrates a simple, minimal nail art design with 3-color stripe finish looks.

25. Make-Up for Hooded Eyes

Offers makeup application tips specifically for those with hooded eyes.

26. How To Do A Wavy Blow Dry at Home

Gives a tutorial on how to achieve a salon-quality wavy blow-dry at home.

27. How To Apply Your Cream For Better Results

Shares tips on applying your cream effectively for optimal skincare results.


28. Pinterest Algorithm Tips

Shows how the Pinterest algorithm works and offers service strategy for gaining more visibility.

29. Introduce Your Business Right

Guides you through crafting the perfect introduction for your business to make a lasting impression using a script.

30. 5 Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Have

Highlights the top five skills necessary for every successful entrepreneur.

31. Content Ideas for Instagram Stories

Shares creative content ideas to enhance your Instagram Stories.

32. How to Create Content Consistently

Outlines strategies for consistently creating and posting engaging content.

33. Think You Don’t Need a Website for Your Business? Here’s 3 Myths Getting In Your Way!

Dismiss three common myths about business websites and emphasizes their importance.

34. 10 Types Of Digital Marketing You Should Know—And Consider For Your Marketing Strategy

Introduces ten types of digital marketing strategies that can boost your business's online presence.

35. 7 Reasons Why You Need to Use Content Marketing In Your Business Strategy

Point out the benefits of content marketing and why it should be a crucial part of your business strategy.

36. How to Write About Your Business Like a Copywriter

Provides tips on how to write about your business like a professional copywriter using effective techniques.


37. Abs Workout

Offers an effective ab workout routine designed to strengthen and tone your core.

38. Modifications for Burpees or Sprawls

Demonstrates modified versions of burpees and sprawls, suitable for different fitness levels.

39. Laundry Bin Series

Showcases tricks on how you can add laundry bin series with your fitness routine.

40. 10-Minute Challenge Abs

Presents a 10-minute ab workout challenge aimed at testing and improving your core strength.

41. Low Impact Full Body HIIT Workout

Shares a high-intensity interval training workout that's easy on the joints but works the whole body.

42. Glutes Workout | Leg Day | Lower Body Workout

Outlines a comprehensive lower body workout focusing on glutes and leg muscles.

43. Side-to-Side Squats

Demonstrates how to perform side-to-side squats for improved lower body strength and flexibility.

44. How to Do a Pull-Up

Introduces a tutorial on performing a proper pull-up, including beginner-friendly modifications.

45. Kettlebell Workout

Features a full-body kettlebell workout that can boost strength and cardiovascular fitness.

46. 6 Step Ab Circuit That Isn’t Crunches

Introduces a six-step abdominal circuit workout that goes beyond traditional crunches.


47. 3 Tips On Ethical Pricing For New Entrepreneurs

Presents three key tips for new entrepreneurs on setting ethical and fair pricing for their products or services.

48. Tax Season

Provides advice and strategies for navigating tax season effectively and stress-free.

49. How to Improve Your Pinterest Journey

Offers tips and tricks to enhance your Pinterest experience and increase your Pin's visibility in 2020.

50. How to Create Strong Story Pins

Guides you on creating compelling and impactful story Pins to capture the attention of Pinterest users.

51. More Ways to Connect With Your Community

Offers strategies and ideas to enhance your connection and engagement with your local community.


52. Meet Your New Favorite Accessory

Features a must-have accessory that is set to become your new lamp favorite.

53. Healthy Avocado Toast — Breakfast Recipe

Presents a simple and healthy breakfast recipe featuring avocado toast.

54. Frenchie Sliders

Features a delicious recipe for bite-sized Frenchie sliders, perfect for a snack or party appetizer.

55. Havarti Cranberry Turkey Slider

Showcases a recipe for gourmet Havarti cranberry turkey sliders—a twist on a classic sandwich.

56. Mile High Key Lime Pie

Introduces a recipe for a sky-high Key Lime Pie, a refreshing dessert with a delicious tang.

57. Chocolate Graham Crackers (Valentines Treats)

Provides a recipe for homemade chocolate graham crackers, ideal as Valentine's Day treats.

58. Cookie Painting Fun

Shares a fun and creative activity idea — painting on cookies!

59. Authentic Ramen Broth from Scratch

Guides you through making authentic, rich ramen broth from scratch.

60. Dessert Tortilla

Shares a recipe for dessert tortilla, a creative and delicious dish inspired by dessert flavors.

61. Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines

Gives a glimpse into "Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines," showing her cooking techniques and recipes.

DIY & Crafts

62. How to Make End Grain Cutting Boards

Offers a detailed DIY guide on making your own end grain cutting boards.

63. DIY Tabletop Zen Garden

Shows you how to create a DIY Zen garden for your tabletop — an ideal mindfulness project.

64. DIY Fairy House

Guides you through a fun DIY project of creating your own charming fairy house.

65. DIY Wood Carved Salt Cellar

Provides a tutorial on creating a wood-carved salt cellar, perfect for rustic kitchen decor.

66. How to Wax a Surfboard!

Delivers a step-by-step guide on how to properly wax a surfboard for the best surfing experience.

67. How to Sew a Rope Basket

Demonstrates how to sew a rope basket — a functional and attractive storage solution.

68. DIY Fall Centerpiece

Shares a guide to creating a DIY centerpiece to elevate your fall centerpiece table decor.

69. DIY Holiday Hanging Planters with Hand Painted & Stenciled Design

Inspires with a DIY project to create beautiful hand-painted and stenciled hanging planters for the holiday season.

70. DIY Projects Under $5

Features a collection of DIY projects that to try with a budget under $5.

71. DIY Concrete Pumpkin Planters

Shares a tutorial on how to create unique DIY pumpkin planters using concrete—perfect for fall decor.


72. Supertree Grove in Gardens by the Bay

Takes you on a visual tour of the breathtaking Supertree Grove in Singapore's Gardens by the Bay.

73. Bali, Indonesia

Presents stunning visuals of Bali, Indonesia, highlighting its unique culture and beautiful landscapes.

74. How to Plan a Stay-at-Home Staycation

Provides tips on planning the perfect staycation, enjoying a break without leaving your home.

75. Tour the Museum of Ice Cream in New York City

Takes you on a virtual tour of the colorful and interactive Museum of Ice Cream in NYC.

76. Iconic NYC Photo Moments

Shares a collection of iconic NYC photo moments to add on your bucket list.

77. Travel Dream Pt. 4: Summer in Italy (Positano, Florence, Tuscany)

Showcasing a dreamy summer vacation in Italy's Positano, Florence, and Tuscany.

78. Dreaming of Mykonos

Shares images and information about the stunning Greek island of Mykonos, a dream travel destination.

79. Where to Find Foliage in Central Park

Provides a guide on where to find the best fall foliage in NYC's Central Park.

80. Pacific Sunset

Showcases a stunning photograph of a Pacific sunset, capturing the serene beauty of nature.

81. Epic Sunrise Point in Shillong

Highlights the breathtaking sunrise point in Shillong, capturing the mesmerizing morning colors.


82. What You Need to Know to Choose the Best Seeds for You and Your Garden.

Provides a guide on choosing the best seeds for your specific gardening needs and goals.

83. Dog Poster — Home Wall Art

Features an adorable dog-themed poster that can add a unique charm to your home wall art collection

84. Twinkle Khanna’s Decorating Tips to Make Your Bathroom Sparkle This Diwali

Shares Twinkle Khanna's expert decorating tips for adding a festive sparkle to your bathroom this Diwali.

85. How to Upcycle a Chair — Ombré Painting!

Offers a guide on how to upcycle a chair using ombré painting techniques for a trendy, personalized touch.

86. Peel & Stick Tile Tutorial

Provides a tutorial on how to use peel & stick tiles, a simple way to transform your space.

87. How We Built a Little Free Library with Upcycled Materials (and for Just $89!)

Shares a project detailing how a Little Free Library was built using upcycled materials for under $89.

88. The Container Store x KonMari | Ori Collection

Gives a sneak peek into the Container Store x KonMari Ori Collection — a range of organization products inspired by the KonMari method.

89. Must-Have Accessories for your Instant Pot

Shares the essential accessories for your Instant Pot that will enhance your cooking experience and expand its capabilities.

90. Chore Chart

Features an effective chore chart to help manage household tasks and teach responsibility.

91. Kitchen Styling 101

Presents essential tips and tricks for styling your kitchen, transforming it into a functional and aesthetic space.


92. Best Selling Hollow Huggie Hoops

Features the best-selling Hollow Huggie Hoops — a stylish accessory that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

93. What to Wear to Fashion Week

Provides style inspiration on what to wear to a fashion week event, helping you to make a statement.

94. Sweatshirt Outfits

Shares a collection of different ways to style your sweatshirt, taking your casual wear to the next level.

95. 6 Ways To Style Your Saree

Offers six innovative and stylish ways to drape your saree, giving a fresh spin to this traditional garment.

96. How To Style Buttoned Kurti

Gives tips on how to style a buttoned Kurti, helping you to bring out the best in this versatile outfit.

97. How To Tie a Super Headwrap

Provides a step-by-step guide on how to tie a super headwrap, adding an extra flair to your look.

98. Kate Middleton #SuperSizeTheLook!

Shares looks inspired by Kate Middleton's style, with tips on how to recreate them yourself.

99. Fall Looks You Need

Highlights must-have looks for the fall season, from cozy sweaters to stylish boots.

100. How to Wear Furoshiki

Teaches you how to wear Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese cloth, in fashionable ways.

101. Easy Tie Dye Shirt For Kids

Shares a simple tutorial on creating an easy tie-dye shirt, perfect for a fun and creative kids' activity.

To Conclude

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed traversing this feast of inspiration and imagination, with 101 examples of some of the best Idea Pins available, running from ingenious DIY projects and mouthwatering recipes to invigorating workout plans and chic fashion styling tips.

No doubt you’re all too familiar with the challenge of consistently producing fresh content. But with this expansive collection now at your disposal, overcoming that creative hurdle just became significantly easier.

Use these ideas as springboards for your own creative inspiration, igniting that creative spark that enables you to create your own unique Idea Pins that stand the test of time and raise the profile and online visibility of your business.

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