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How Often Should You Post on Twitter? Watch Overview

How Often Should You Post on Twitter?

There’s lots of advice on how often to post on Twitter, most of it based on little evidence other than what is “generally recommended”.

But what does that actually mean? Not much.

So let’s take a different approach and look at what some larger Twitter accounts actually do (which as you’ll see can be quite different to what’s “recommended”).

It stands to reason that, for accounts that have grown sizable followings and have been tweeting for a significant amount of time, they’ve figured out what works, including likely liaising with others in the industry to develop a strategy they consider optimal.

Of course, they won’t all take the same approach—in fact, there’s a ton of variety. But it gives you an idea of what’s working for others, and you can then develop your own approach based on that.

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We’ll look at a mixture of business-related personality brands (a.k.a. influencers) in different industries as well as actual business accounts.

Note that the info provided was correct at the time of writing, but these accounts are likely to adjust the strategies over time. Links are provided to the Twitter accounts in question so you can check out exactly what they’re doing right now.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee)

How often does Gary V post on Twitter?

Gary Vaynerchuk (mostly simply known as “GaryVee”) is the chairman of VaynerX, a communications company, and the CEO of VaynerMedia, a creative and media agency.

He has a huge social media presence across different channels, and is one of the best-known personality-led brands on social media for those interested in business and marketing.

As you might expect, he tweets prolifically, generally tweeting between 2 and 10 times a day, with the average around 6..

Summary: several times a day.

2. Hubspot (@HubSpot)

Find out how frequently HubSpot posts on Twitter

What’s HubSpot? HubSpot is an integrated, comprehensive CRM platform that contains multiple tools for marketing, sales, service, operations, and website-building designed to help businesses grow.

How often does HubSpot post on Twitter? 1-3 times a day on average.

3. Richard Branson (@RichardBranson)

Richard Branson posts frequently on Twitter

It’s unlikely the British billionaire entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin empire, Richard Branson, requires much introduction.

His Twitter account ranges from sometimes zero tweets, to other times every few hours. The general average is two or three times a day.

Summary: two or three times a day

4. Entrepreneur (@Entrepreneur)

Do you know how often Entrepreneur tweets

What’s Entrepreneur? Entrepreneur magazine contains advice, insight, profiles and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

How often does Entrepreneur post on Twitter? Multiple times a day. Often, multiple times per hour.

5. Pat Flynn (@PatFlynn)

See how often Pat Flynn posts to Twitter

Pat Flynn is probably best known as the guy behind the Smart Passive Income podcast and blog, an author, a keynote speaker, and owner of other online businesses.

For all the recommendations and advice from experts and gurus, there’s really no “right” or optimal level of posting frequency for Twitter.Click To Tweet

So how frequently does he tend to post on Twitter?

Mostly, it’s between one and a handful times a day, with the odd day (or occasionally two) missed here and there.

Summary: between zero and a handful of tweets a day.

6. JetBlue (@JetBlue)

Check out JetBlue’s tweeting frequency

What’s JetBlue? JetBlue offers flights to 90+ destinations with free inflight entertainment, free brand-name snacks and drinks, lots of legroom and award-winning service.

How often does JetBlue post on Twitter? Every few days.

7. Tim Ferriss (@tferriss)

Tim Ferriss tweets a few times a day

Tim Ferriss hosts one of the most popular podcasts in the world, The Tim Ferriss Show, and rose to fame off the back of his 4-Hour Workweek book, which opened the eyes of millions to a whole new way of working outside the traditional 9-5 treadmill.

He tweets several times a day, often every few hours and sometimes up to a dozen times.

Summary: several times a day

8. Forbes (@Forbes)

How often should you tweet based on Forbes’ strategy?

What’s Forbes? Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.

How often does Forbes post on Twitter? Multiple times per hour.

9. Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki)

How often should you post on Twitter? How frequently does Guy Kawasaki tweet?

Guy Kawasaki now runs the Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People Podcast, and rose to prominence as an evangelist at Apple, marketing the Mac to developers back in the 1980s. Amusingly, he’s frequently mistaken and mixed up with the Rich Dad, Poor Dad author, Robert Kiyosaki.

He mostly tweets several times a day, sometimes up to a dozen or so times.

Summary: several times a day.

10. Domino’s Pizza (@dominos)

Discover Domino’s tweeting frequency

What’s Domino’s? Domino’s is a multinational pizza chain, that has grown by focusing on both pizza quality and their delivery guarantee.

How often does Domino’s post on Twitter? Almost, but not quite, daily.

11. Reid Hoffman (@reidhoffman)

Reid Hoffman often tweets several times a day

Reid Hoffman co-founded LinkedIn back in 2002 and was the company’s original CEO, followed by various other roles, eventually selling for multiple billions to Microsoft in 2016. Before LinkedIn, he had prominent roles at PayPal. He’s currently a venture capitalist, as well as a podcaster and author.

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He tweets regularly, some days missed here and there, but often a handful of times a day.

Summary: between zero and a handful of times a day.

12. Uber (@Uber)

Uber’s Twitter account may give some clues on how often you should post

What is Uber? Based in San Francisco, Uber operates in around 72 countries, enabling users to book a car via the app, and be transported by drivers who set their own schedules and work on a flexible basis via Uber’s dedicated Driver app.

How often does Uber post on Twitter? Mostly daily, sometimes a few times per day.

13. Larry Kim (@larrykim)

Discover how frequently Larry Kim tweets

Larry Kim rose to prominence as the founder of WordStream, which he sold in 2018 for $150 million, and is a well-known respected marketer. He went on to found MobileMonkey, a text messaging platform, where he remains the CEO.

While he doesn’t tweet every day, he’s still a regular user of the platform, tweeting up to several times a day on the days he is active.

Summary: between zero and several times a day

14. Hootsuite (@hootsuite)

Does Hootsuite post as frequently as what’s commonly recommended?

What is Hootsuite? Hootsuite is a social media management tool that enables users to manage their activity on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

How often does Hootsuite post on Twitter? On average, a few times per day.

15. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw (@kiranshaw)

How often Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw tweets is revealed here

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is an Indian billionaire entrepreneur and founder of Biocon, one of India’s largest biotech companies. In 2019, Forbes listed her as the 68th most powerful woman in the world.

She’s a prolific user of Twitter, generally tweeting between 3 and 5 posts a day on average.

Summary: 3 to 5 posts a day

16. TechCrunch (@TechCrunch)

How frequently should you post on Twitter? Let’s look at TechCrunch…

What is TechCrunch? TechCrunch provides news and commentary focused on startups, technology, venture capital funding and the latest from Silicon Valley.

How often does TechCrunch post on Twitter? Several times a day. Often, several times an hour.

17. Tony Robbins (@TonyRobbins)

Tony Robbins’ Twitter profile

One of the world’s best known speakers and authors on living life to the max, and instrumental behind many success stories, Tony Robbins will need no introduction to most entrepreneurial, success-driven business owners.

His Twitter account is updated regularly, but it’s more several times a month rather than several times a day. Often several days go by without a tweet, and then a few might be posted over the course of a few days.

Summary: several times a month, does not post daily.

18. Innocent Drinks (@innocent)

Innocent Drinks posts frequently on Twitter

What is Innocent Drinks? Innocent Drinks is a British-based drinks company focused on smoothies and juice with pure natural ingredients.

How often does Innocent Drinks post on Twitter? Mostly a few times per day.

19. Arianna Huffington (@ariannahuff)

Arianna Huffington usually tweets several times a day

Best known as the founder of Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington is currently the founder and CEO of Thrive Global, which works with larger companies to tackle stress and burnout.

She tweets mostly daily, on average a handful of tweets a day.

Summary: mostly 2 to 5 tweets a day

20. Inc. (@Inc)

Check out how often you should be posting on Twitter based on Inc

What is Inc.? Inc. magazine is aimed at business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs, with content focused on starting, growing and leading businesses.

How often does Inc. post on Twitter? Several times a day, often several times an hour.

21. Naval Ravikant (@naval)

Naval Ravikant tweets regularly, sometimes several times a day

Naval Ravikant is an Indian entrepreneur and investor, and is the co-founder and chairman of AngelList, a website focused on matching startups with investors. He’s been an early stage investor in more than 200 companies, including companies like Uber, Twitter, Notion and Stack Overflow.

There's no one rule for how often to post on Twitter. Find an approach that means you can keep showing up consistently, and do that!Click To Tweet

He’s a regular user of the platform, though is not a daily user, preferring to tweet several times a month.

Summary: several times a month

22. Apple (@Apple)

Apple simply pins a single tweet to its profile

What is Apple? Of course, one of the world’s biggest companies, behind innovative products such as the Mac, iPad and iPhone, and various online services.

How often does Apple post on Twitter? Every now and then. But there’s no time line. They literally delete every other tweet other than the one they pin to the top.

23. Eric Ries (@ericries)

How often should you Tweet? See how often Eric Ries posts on Twitter

Well known in startup circles, Eric Ries is the author of The Lean Startup, as well as his later book, The Startup Way.

He tweets fairly sporadically, generally a few times a month.

Summary: a few times a month.

24. Tesla (@Tesla)

Tesla tweets every few days

What is Tesla? Elon Musk’s company that’s best known for its electric cars, but which also sells related battery and solar power products.

How often does Tesla post on Twitter? Several times a month.

25. Barbara Corcoran (@BarbaraCorcoran)

See how often Barbara Corcoran posts on Twitter

Barbara Corcoran is a very successful business woman, selling a real estate business for $66 million in 2001, and rose to fame through multiple seasons of Shark Tank. She’s also a columnist and author.

She tweets fairly regularly but not daily, usually posting a tweet (occasionally two) several days a month.

Summary: several days a month.

26. MarketingSherpa (@MarketingSherpa)

MarketingSherpa tweets regularly

What is MarketingSherpa? MarketingSherpa is primarily a research institute that focuses on what works in marketing, based on actual research and documented case studies.

How often does MarketingSherpa post on Twitter? Mostly daily, sometimes more than once per day.

27. Mark Cuban (@mcuban)

Mark Cuban often tweets several times a day

A billionaire entrepreneur and television personality, Mark Cuban built his wealth over the course of several decades through multiple software, technology and media-based companies. He became well known as an investor on Shark Tank, alongside Barbara Corcoran above.

He’s a prolific tweeter, generally tweeting several times a day.

Summary: several times a day.

28. Harvard Business Review (@HarvardBiz)

How often should you post? Maybe see how the Harvard Business Review approaches Twitter

What is the Harvard Business Review? An offshoot of Harvard University, the Harvard Business Review is a magazine focused on strategy, innovation and leadership, and aimed at leaders in business.

How often does the Harvard Business Review post on Twitter? Several times a day, often several times per hour.

29. Alex Hormozi (@AlexHormozi)

What can you learn from how often Alex Hormozi tweets?

Alex Hormozi runs a popular podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners called The Game, the author of $100M Offers, and is the co-founder of where they invest in and help scale companies to $100M+. Together with his wife Leila, he grew Gym Launch from the ground up, selling it for around $50 million within the space of just a few years.

Relatively new to Twitter and social media in general, Alex’s Twitter account is updated several times a day, on average between 3 and 6 times.

Summary: between 3 and 6 times a day

30. Wendy’s (@Wendy’s)

Check out Wendy’s Twitter profile to see how often you should post

What is Wendy’s? The international fast food chain, Wendy’s, focuses a lot of their brand identity on not being McDonalds, and approaching fast food differently, with an emphasis on freshness, friendliness and quality.

How often does Wendy’s post on Twitter? A few times a month.

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To Conclude

Mmm. So what conclusion can we draw from all of these Twitter accounts on how often you should post on Twitter?

For all the recommendations and advice from experts and gurus, there’s really no “right” or optimal frequency of posting.

From the single Tweet of Apple’s profile to the virtually constant output of accounts like Forbes, and the high level of activity from personality accounts like @GaryVee to tweets every few days from accounts like @naval, there’s a wide variety of approaches.

The one thing they all have in common though is this. They keep showing up, and post on Twitter at least a few times a month. Find what works for you, test different approaches, and be consistent. That’s it!

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