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9 Best Free AI Content Generator Tools (to Help Your Business) Watch Overview

9 Best Free AI Content Generator Tools (to Help Your Business)

AI content generator tools have proven to be a game changer for content marketing, with a myriad of tools that can boost your creative output and help take care of many aspects of content creation.

But with so many tools out there, and new ones arriving all the time, how do you know where to start in terms of picking the right tool for your business’s requirements?

For this guide, we have curated 9 of the best free AI content generator tools and provided info about what each one is, the type of content you can generate using it, and how you can use the tool for free (such as via a free trial).

How to Choose the Right AI Content Generator

  • Understand your needs—assess what type of content you need (blog posts, social media updates, etc.) and the type of volume you’re looking for.
  • Consider customization options—you might have a preference for tools that offer a degree of customization to match your brand's voice and style.
  • Check language support—does the tool support the languages you work with?
  • Evaluate integration capabilities—consider how well the tool integrates with your existing workflows.
  • Test for quality—take advantage of free trials where available to gauge the suitability of the content generated.
  • Review pricing plans—find a tool that fits within your budget while providing most if not all of what you need in terms of content generation..

9 Top Free AI Content Generator Tools Available Right Now

From crafting engaging blog posts to compelling ad copy, these nine top free AI content generator tools are here to enhance your content strategy and streamline your workflow.

Whether you're a small business owner, a content creator, or part of a marketing team, these tools offer customized solutions to meet your diverse content needs.

1. Copy AI

Home page of’s content tool

What Is

Designed to help small to medium-sized business owners, content creators and marketing teams enhance their content creation capabilities, can generate high-quality content in seconds, with support for a range of content types.

It provides a range of templates and custom options, with an ability to understand context and tone, helping to ensure the content it creates resonates with your target audience.

As well as AI-powered content generation, it can help with various other workflows too such as lead scoring and data hygiene.

What Type of Content Does Generate? generates all manner of marketing and sales content, such as blog content, email content, sales scripts, and social media posts.

How Can You Use for Free?

Designed to help you get started and familiarize yourself with the tool, you can use for free with no time restriction, but you are limited to a single seat, up to 2,000 words in chat, and 200 bonus credits.

2. Scalenut

Scalenut free AI content generator tool that helps you maximize your content creation process potential

What Is Scalenut?

Scalenut is an innovative AI-driven platform that’s primarily focused on SEO, and provides a range of tools designed to help with content research, planning, writing and optimization.

Tools include an advanced keyword planner, Cruise Mode for SEO-friendly content, detailed SERP analysis, and the ability to create optimized, factually-accurate content at scale.

What Type of Content Does Scalenut Generate?

Scalenut is focused on SEO-related content, so predominantly helps with creating blog content.

How Can You Use Scalenut for Free?

Users can try one of their paid plans for up to 7 days as a free trial.

3. Rytr

Rytr free AI content generator tool that works for plagiarism-free content creation

What Is Rytr?

Rytr is another free AI content generator tool designed to streamline content creation activities.

Powered under the hood by OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology, it’s able to produce unique content for various use cases from blogs to social media posts, with support for multiple languages and tones.

The platform includes features such as a Document Management system, a Rich Text Editor, an AI Image Generator, and a Plagiarism Checker to provide confidence in the content it generates.

However, it may be less suitable for long-form content and lacks detailed SERP analysis that could help with optimizing the content for SEO.

What Type of Content Does Rytr Generate?

Rytr handles a wide range of content-creation tasks from blog post outlines to helping with the posts themselves, to business startup pitches, to copywriting for marketing campaigns, to emails, social media posts and more.

How Can You Use Rytr for Free?

Rytr allows you to generate up to 10,000 characters per month for free. That equates to around 2000 words on average, at least in English.

4. Writesonic

Writesonic AI content creation with CRM Tool in generating wide range of content

What Is Writesonic?

Writesonic is an all-encompassing AI platform catering to diverse content needs. It features a range of AI-powered products like Chatsonic, Botsonic, Photosonic, and over 100 AI writing tools.

The platform is built on generative AI models fine-tuned for specific use cases like Google ads and blog posts, learning from massive datasets to create new content.

Writesonic simplifies content creation with easy-to-use templates requiring minimal input; users provide topics or paragraphs, select their language, and hit generate for relevant content​​​​.

What Type of Content Does Writesonic Generate?

Writesonic predominantly helps with writing blog posts, but can help with other content generation activities too such as social media posts.

How Can You Use Writesonic for Free?

You can get started with Writesonic for free for up to 10,000 words.

5. Jasper (formerly

Jasper AI content free generator working for blog post, email campaigns, and social media content

What Is Jasper?

Jasper offers a wide range of writing features, designed to help content creators, marketers, small business owners and others generate high-quality written content quickly and efficiently.

As well as written content, it has support for visual elements via Jasper Art, and interactive conversation via Jasper Chat.

One area Jasper excels at is in long-form content like blog posts, with an ability to adapt to different tones and styles, allowing it to write in a brand’s voice to help keep the output consistent.

What Type of Content Does Jasper Generate?

Jarvis helps with creating various marketing-related content, such as blog posts, sales copy, social media content and emails.

How Can You Use Jasper for Free?

Jasper’s paid plans come with a free 7-day trial.

6. Smart Copy from Unbounce

Smart Copy from Unbounce is a free AI content generator tool

What Is Smart Copy?

Smart Copy from Unbounce is a comprehensive AI copywriting and content generator tool designed primarily for marketers, that comes with over 45 customizable templates for a variety of content types, such as ad copy, emails, taglines, and product descriptions.

Integrated with Unbounce, users can also generate suitable copy from directly inside their landing page builder, via their Smart Copy Chrome extension.

What Type of Content Does Smart Copy Generate?

It’s designed to help with blog posts, landing page and ad copy, and various other writing tasks related to marketing.

How Can You Use Smart Copy for Free?

There’s a 3-day free trial available, which includes a single project and up to 40 credits.

7. Dash AI from Dashworks

Dash AI from Dashworks generates content for business productivity and marketing promotional content

What Is Dash AI?

Dashwork is an AI tool designed to make a company’s internal knowledgebase accessible by simply asking questions of the AI.

It can also help with more generic tasks such as the generation of content used for marketing purposes.

What Type of Content Does Dash AI Generate?

Dash AI isn’t solely designed as a content generation tool, but can certainly help with shorter content-creation activities, such as writing emails, social media posts and marketing copy.

It’s less suitable for long-form content generation.

How Can You Use Dashworks for Free?

Their paid plans come with a free 14-day trial with access to all features.

8. ContentBot

ContentBot for AI automation in marketing productivity

What Is ContentBot?

ContentBot provides support for generating content like blog posts, ad copy and other marketing-related content.

Content can be generated via custom AI content workflows, via imports, or via their AI writer.

What Type of Content Does ContentBot Generate?

ContentBot helps with generating blog posts and other SEO-related content, marketing copy and ecommerce content such as product descriptions.

How Can You Use ContentBot for Free?

You can generate up to 10,000 words for free via ContentBot, but you do need to make an initial purchase, which can be as low as a one-off payment of $1 for 1,000 words.

9. Describely

Describely free ai content generator for creating content types helping you in your business

What Is Describely?

Describely is specifically designed to help with content generation for ecommerce sites, providing support for content like product descriptions, titles, tags and meta info for potentially thousands of products at scale.

So rather than teams needing to manually take care of product catalog updates, the tool can manage what’s needed in a fraction of the time.

What Type of Content Does Describely Generate?

Descibely is designed to help generate ecommerce content such as product descriptions and meta data across potentially thousands of products.

How Can You Use Describely for Free?

You can generate content through Describely for free for up to 5 products a month, and with a single user account.

To Conclude

Free AI content generator tools such as those explored here are rapidly revolutionizing content creation, helping with everything from simply banishing writer's block by coming up with ideas and outlines, to creating fully-fledged, factually-accurate, long-form content.

As we’ve seen, the type of content that can be created ranges from everything from product titles, to social media content, to full blog posts, and everything in between.

Most of them can’t be used on a free basis forever, usually instead as part of a free trial, but it does mean you can simply explore what the different tools have to offer and find one that best suits your purposes.

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