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55+ Effective Call to Action Phrases That Convert Watch Overview

55+ Effective Call to Action Phrases That Convert

Need a swipe file of effective call to action phrases that boost response rates and conversions?

This post gives you exactly that, with over 55 such phrases available for you to swipe and deploy.

Each one comes with an illustration of the phrase in action, either from a website, from an email or posted on social media.

They’re provided in alphabetical order for your convenience.

The Full List: Effective Call to Action Phrases to Swipe and Deploy

1. Act Now Before It’s Too Late

This example is from an email sent by Al Sears, MD, who sends out information and sales messages related to anti-aging. Example of a Act Now Before It’s Too Late call to action phrase from a Al Sears

2. Add to Cart/Basket

You’ll see this call to action phrase in action on most ecommerce sites, simply because it’s effective at encouraging visitors to make purchases.

Note that while Add to Cart is used more commonly internationally, the Add to Basket variation is more effective in the United Kingdom and a few other countries where the population is generally more accustomed to ‘Basket’ rather than ‘Cart’ in relation to shopping.

Here’s the Add to Cart version in use on Amazon:

Add to cart button on Amazon

And the Add to Basket variation on their UK website:

Add to basket button on Amazon in the UK

Similarly, here are the respective buttons on Ebay:

Add to cart button on Ebay

Add to basket button on Ebay in the UK

3. Add to Wishlist

Most ecommerce sites operate wishlist-type functionality, where prospective buyers can effectively bookmark products they might wish to purchase in future.

Here’s an example from a hardware shopping site, ABM Tools:

Call to action phrases that convert—add to wishlist


  • Add to list—for example, this is what Amazon now uses for their wishlists, as shown here:


4. Apply Now

This call to action phrase is usually used in relation to recruitment sites, or in order to pre-qualify prospective purchasers.

Here’s an example from a recruitment ad on Facebook:

Example of the Apply Now CTA phrase from a Facebook ad

5. Book Now

An effective call to action phrase that’s often used in relation to travel and vacations, relaying a certain sense of urgency.

The following is an example of a flight ad running on Google:

Example of the Book Now call to action phrase from a Google ad

6. Buy Now

Again relaying a sense of urgency, this call to action phrase is often used on sites where customers are purchasing a single item, rather than say browsing and adding multiple items into a cart (or basket) for later purchase.

Alongside the Add to Cart (or Basket) call to action, Amazon also often display a Buy Now button:

Amazon use the call to action phrase, Buy Now

7. Buy X

Specifying what the customer is about to buy, this CTA phrase is best suited to sites that only sell a specific type of item, such as Skiddle which sells tickets for events:

Example from of the ‘Buy Tickets’ CTA in action

8. Call Now

This example is from Norwegian Cruise Line, using the ‘Call Now’ phrase alongside their phone number in the top navigation bar, encouraging prospective customers to get in touch.

The Call Now call to action phrase to convert

9. Claim Free Shipping Now

The offer of free shipping is used on many sites to encourage visitors to make a purchase, or to make their order large enough in order to qualify.

The use of the word Claim in this particular phrase implies that it’s already there ready and waiting. The customer simply needs to go and ‘claim’ it, which acts as a powerful psychological draw.

And once again, use of the word Now in the call to action implies a sense of urgency—if we don’t act right away, we might lose what we could have claimed for free.

Here’s an example of the phrase in action, as used by Disney in an ad on a coupons website.

Claim free shipping now is an effective call to action that helps convert prospects


  • Get Free Shipping

10. Click Here

Click here is a fairly ubiquitous call to action phrase used across the web to encourage users to click a particular link.

The following example is from an email sent by marketer Mike Koenigs, inviting recipients to ‘click here’ to watch a YouTube video:

The common ‘click here’ CTA from within an email

11. Contact Us

Another ubiquitous but effective call to action phrase we see everywhere—so much so, we probably don’t even notice it is a CTA!

(In contrast, a phrase like Contact Information would be less effective as it doesn’t call on anyone to do anything).

Sure enough, Contact Us encourages us to get in touch with the website in question.

Indeed, here it is in action on the website:

The call to action phrase contact us is found on most websites

12. Continue

This one at face value seems fairly innocuous.

But it’s one that slips under the radar, and is highly effective at getting us to continue with a particular process, while pre-warning us that there will be a further step (or steps) to complete the action.

It’s commonly seen in action as part of a sign up process, such as on social media platforms. Here’s an example from Pinterest

Pinterest uses the phrase Continue as a call to action phrase on the button


  • Continue with Facebook/Google etc.

13. Donate Now

Used on charitable websites, Donate Now is an effective call to action phrase that’s very clear on what action we are supposed to take.

This example is from Make-A-Wish International:

From Make-A-Wish International, using the Donate Now call to action phrase

14. Don’t Miss Out

This CTA plays to our fear of missing out on something (FOMO).

We may not even realize we want something—but the threat that we might miss out on getting it can tip us into action!

The following example is from an email sent by marketer and podcast expert, Steve Olsher, where the ‘don’t miss out’ CTA is incorporated into one of the links:

The phrase ‘don’t miss out’ is an effective CTA that helps convert

15. Download

This call to action is very simple and says exactly what we’re expected to do.

The phrase is available as one of the button text choices for Facebook ads. In the following example, it’s also used in the ad headline too.

From a Facebook ad that uses the Download CTA


  • Download Now—the addition of Now can increase the effectiveness of the CTA by introducing urgency. The following example shows an offer of a lead magnet by HubSpot:

Download Now CTA as used on HubSpot

16. Enjoy Massive Savings

We all love to get a great deal, and save money on what we might have ordinarily paid to get something.

This call to action phrase reminds us of the enjoyment we get out of saving, further reinforced by stating the savings will be ‘massive’.

Here’s an example seen on Facebook, posted by a car dealership based in Singapore:

The ‘Enjoy Massive Savings’ CTA used in a post on Facebook

17. Find Out More

This call to action phrase is effective when used alongside some otherwise relatively brief information.

If we’re interested, we know exactly what to do to find out more.

The following example is from Los Angeles Bus Tours, encouraging visitors to explore further and get all the information they need:

Los Angeles Bus Tours uses the Find Out More CTA

18. Get Directions

A great call to action for venues like hotels, convention centers, theme parks and so on.

Knowing exactly how to find a particular venue builds trust and credibility, and builds a sense of safety and security when making a purchase.

This example comes from Jamberoo Action Park in NSW, Australia:

Jamberoo Action Park in NSW, Australia, uses the Get Directions

19. Get Offer

As in Get Directions above, Get Offer here, and other Get… related CTAs below, the word Get can prove highly effective at almost commanding someone to take action.

Here’s an example for Get Offer. The global music streaming platform, TIDAL, uses it to convert visitors into customers:

Tidal uses the Get Offer call to action phrase to help convert visitors


  • Claim my exclusive offer
  • Get deal
  • Get my discount

20. Get Quote

Ideal for service-based businesses, such as home-related services and construction companies, Get Quote is another highly effective call to action phrase that tips visitors into taking the required action.

Here’s an example from a roofing company in Houston, Texas:

The Get Quote call to action phrase as used by a roofing company in Houston, Texas

21. Get Tickets Now

A powerful call to action used for events, such as in the example used here from London’s West End Theatre. The addition of Now adds urgency—in other words, get tickets now while they’re still available:

The Get Tickets Now call to action phrase, as used by London’s West End

22. Get Started

Just beginning something is a micro commitment that often leads to further action, even if we don’t quite understand how it all works yet.

It’s an effective CTA often used in relation to software, such as by Pulumi here:

Get Started is an effective call to action phrase, used here by Pulumi


  • Click Here to Get Started

23. Get Your Free X

Using Get and Free together in a single call to action is always going to be a winner, pulling us into the copy and compelling us to take action.

Here’s an example from a Facebook ad:

The Get Your Free X is an effective CTA phrase, used here by an ad on Facebook

24. Grab the X

Grab is an alternative to Get, implying getting something we wouldn’t normally be allowed to have but ‘take the opportunity while you can’.

In this example, it’s being used by Dr Joe Vitale in an email related to a live workshop:

Using ‘Grab the X’ as an effective CTA phrase

25. Hurry

Pure urgency.

If we’re told to hurry, we immediately know something will soon be gone and therefore need to act now.

For that reason, the simple addition of Hurry can boost conversions.

Here it is in action for a flash sale:

Using the ‘hurry’ CTA phrase for a flash sale


  • Don’t Delay

26. Install Now

We’re told to install (some software) and to do it now—again, simple but effective.

TomTom are using it here for their Sports app:

Using the ‘Install now’ CTA phrase

27. Join

We all like to feel part of something, and the call to action phrase join is effective at encouraging us to become part of (usually) a pre-existing community.

Mountaineering Scotland use it multiple times on the same page to encourage the visitor to take the required action:

Multiple uses of the effective ‘join’ CTA phrase from Mountaineering Scotland

28. Join X Other…

Similar to the one above, but this time adding social proof.

There’s a sense of security in knowing that others have taken the same action successfully before us.

It also of course gives the site in question authority and credibility, further boosting conversions.

Picfair use it here to encourage visitors to join their existing 400,000 photographers in selling photos to the site:

Example of the ‘Join X Other…’ CTA phrase from picfair


  • Join X Fellow X

Example of a CTA phrase from HubSpot

29. Keep Me Updated

A relatively gentle but effective call to action phrase that simply offers to keep the visitor updated with information they are interested in.

Here’s an example of this call to action from Mazda.

The button is shown beneath a form on which visitors can select the vehicle(s) they’re interested in, enter their contact information and click the button.

Mazda (USA) use the ‘Keep Me Updated’ call to action phrase

  • Get the latest updates

30. Learn More

The Learn More call to action phrase is one of the most effective choices when used within Facebook ads.

It enables those interested to simply get more information without implying any kind of commitment.

Of course, it’s used elsewhere too—here’s an example from Rotary International’s website

The Learn More CTA phrase in action


  • Learn the secrets of X
  • Discover X

31. Listen Now

Perfect for when our goal is for someone to listen to some audio.

Here’s an example of a website using the call to action in the SERPs, by simply including it in the web page’s title, thereby encouraging click-throughs from the organic listings:

Using the ‘Listen Now!’ CTA in a search engine listing

32. Make an Appointment

For many businesses, customers will need to make an appointment.

This CTA phrase tells them to do exactly that.

This example is from the Smiles Dentistry clinic in Toronto. Note that they are using the Make an Appointment wording both in the headline on the page and in the button.

Using the Make an Appointment CTA phrase


  • Schedule an appointment
  • Schedule meeting
  • Book your appointment—for example, here’s an example from a kitchen ecommerce website:

Example of the ‘Book Your Appointment’ CTA from a kitchen e-commerce website

33. No Strings Attached

This phrase is often used to help convert a prospect into making an initial micro commitment by indicating there’s no obligation involved.

Here it’s used by a web agency to offer a free initial consultation:

Using the ‘no strings attached’ call to action phrase


  • No obligation

34. Nothing to Lose

The phrase nothing to lose is similar to zero risk, with the wording designed to assure us that nothing can go wrong and we won’t be left feeling foolish. In the following example it’s used on an ecommerce website:

The CTA phrase ‘Nothing to Lose’ used on an ecommerce website

Variations: Zero risk

35. Only X Left

Scarcity is highly effective at getting someone to take action. The fear of missing out (FOMO) on something is a big driver.

The following store uses the phrase in the main headline on the page, with various items listed as about to imminently run out:

Using the ‘only X left’ call to action phrase to help convert customers

36. Order Now

Of course, we’re all familiar with the Order Now call to action phrase—we see it everywhere because it works!

Here’s an example of the phrase in action from Pizza Express:

Pizza Express using the Order Now call to action phrase on a button

37. Our Work

It’s easy to overlook this as a call to action phrase, but it’s an effective one for anyone with viewable deliverables, such as web design agencies like in the example below.

It subtly calls on prospects to view the work a business has done previously, building trust and credibility and moving the prospect towards a sale.

Using the Our Work call to action phrase for a web design agency


  • Our Portfolio
  • What We Do

38. Play Game

There’s no mistaking what this call to action phrase is asking us to do—here it is in action by Lego®:

The ‘Play Game’ call to action phrase as used by Lego

39. Redeem My Voucher

For businesses providing vouchers, customers need to know how to redeem it. This call to action makes it very clear how to do so.

Here’s an example, as used by a life saving course provider in Sydney, Australia.

The Redeem My Voucher call to action phrase in action

40. Register

Very common for upcoming events where the goal is to get a prospect to register.

The following example is from the Traffic and Conversion Summit, helping to convert prospects into attendees:

The Register call to action phrase used on a button

41. Rush Me X

Prospects are no longer happy to wait more than a day or two for delivery—use of language like this assures them it will be on the way rapidly.

This example is from a homeschooling ecommerce website:

The Rush Me X phrase in action on a homeschooling ecommerce site

Many websites incorporate search facilities to help prospects find what they need. What could be more effective than the simple CTA, Search?

Often the word itself is not even shown, as we’ve all now been trained to equate the magnifying glass icon with a search facility.

Here’s an example of both the word and the icon from recruitment site, ZipJob:

Using the Search call to action phrase

43. Shop Now

Rather than Buy Now, inviting us to buy a specific item, that phrase Shop Now has less commitment attached and simply invites us to browse.

Here’s an example from the Art Effect ecommerce site based in Chicago:

The call to action phrase Shop Now used on a button on an ecommerce site

44. Sign Up

A very common and highly effective call to action phrase, particularly for software platforms where we need to input our details to get a login.

Here it is in action by Pinterest

Pinterest uses the ‘Sign up’ CTA phrase

There are various extensions to the CTA, such as:

  • Sign up below to X
  • Sign up for free
  • Sign up to X—here are a couple of examples from Uber:

Uber uses the call to action phrase ‘Sign up to ride’ or ‘Sign up to drive’ to convert prospects

45. Start Free Trial

A free trial is common amongst software as a service offerings and other paid subscription services.

Here’s an example from Dropbox:

Start free trial call to action phrase


  • Claim Your Free Trial
  • Get Started for Free
  • Join Free for a Month

46. Start X With X

The format of this call to action phrase is usually along the lines of Start [desired outcome] with [brand or business name], such as illustrated here by Weight Watchers:

Example CTA from Weight Watchers, Start losing weight with WW today

47. Strictly Limited

As with other scarcity-related CTA phrases, like Only X left shown above, this makes it clear we need to act quickly in order to take advantage.

Here’s an example, as used by ecommerce site, Holzkern.

Use of the ‘strictly limited’ call to action phrase


  • Limited time offer

48. Subscribe

Of course, we see this everywhere, from opt-in offers to YouTube channels—another ubiquitous, highly effective CTA.

The Subscribe call to action phrase used on YouTube channels

49. Try Now

Similar to Start Free Trial above, this CTA invites us to simply give it a try without needing to commit. The reduction of risk helps move prospects along the customer journey.

It’s used here by Construct:

The Try Now call to action phrase as used by


  • Give X a try
  • Try for free
  • Try it now

50. Unlock Exclusive Benefits

Most of us like the idea of something being exclusive, and the ability to unlock it makes it sound both accessible and enticing—something locked away, but that we can access.

This example is from a website that offers support to ecommerce sites:

The call to action phrase ‘unlock exclusive benefits’

51. Visit Website

A simple but clear and effective call to action that invites us to click on a link or button in order to visit a particular site.

This example is from the top of an email sent by Vistaprint:

Visit website, as used here in an email from Vistaprint

52. Watch More

If we only see a clip of something, many of us will want to watch more of it if we can.

Here’s an example of the call to action in use on Twitter:

Use of the call to action phrase ‘watch more’ on Twitter

53. Watch Now

Similarly, for videos and TV shows, the Watch Now call to action calls on us to watch it, right now, commanding us to click on the link or button.

This example is from

A Watch Now call to action button on

54. While Stocks Last

Like some others above, this is another scarcity-related call to action.

It’s used here by Terry Toast, an ecommerce store based in Vancouver, Canada.

Use of the ‘while stocks last’ call to action phrase

55. X Months Free

Similar to trialing something for free, this CTA makes it clear how long the trial will last.

And with most trials lasting somewhere between 7 days and a month, a whole three months for free is an appealing offer for many prospects.

The following example is from Spotify:

X Months Free, the call to action phrase used by Spotify

56. Yes! Send Me X

It’s always worth at least testing—adding Yes! to a call to action phrase like this can boost conversions significantly.

And Send Me… doesn’t as much tell us to do something, as empowers us to command someone else to send us something we need or desire.

This example is from Virgin Plus, where they’ve used it next to a checkbox.

The ‘Yes! Send Me X’ call to action phrase, used by Virgin Plus


  • Send Me X Now!

To Conclude

So that’s over 55 effective call to action phrases that help convert prospects into customers, available for you to simply swipe and deploy.

(Obviously don’t copy other text from the examples directly—keep it legal and ethical!)

Make sure you keep this list to hand so you can easily refer back to it whenever you need some powerful copy for your website, email marketing or for posting on social media.

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